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Exodus is a 501c3 program whose main objective is sustenance and health of women and communities under siege from the effects of prostitution. This does not involve merely moving prostitution from one neighborhood to another. Rather E.X.O.D.U.S., collaborates with other agencies, schools, law enforcement, churches, and members of the community who are interested in bringing an end to prostitution and sex trafficking. In order to achieve these goals E.X.O.D.U.S offers an intensive training program. The program includes a uniquely designed curriculum that services the needs of those trapped in the sex industry.  The program consists of but is not limited to the following: 

 1. Providing client centered programs that focus on empowering the client and the community through education, training, resources, individual & group counseling, job readiness training, health education, support groups and community based training.

  2. Assisting the participant with re-entry into mainstream society by providing a supportive clean living segment with a focus on building positive social skills and helping the client re-connect with community & family. 

  3. Offering a comprehensive strength based case management program which tracks the participants up to six months after completion of the program and obtaining safe and suitable housing.  

The spectrum of prostitution and sex Trafficking is sapping the very life blood of our society. The chronic deleterious effects can be witnessed everywhere. Experience has taught us the wisdom of the old adage which holds that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Indeed, our society is only as strong as its weakest member. It is incumbent on us as a society to reach out in an effort to strengthen our society’s weakest members.  

Due to the underground nature of illegal commercial sex industry, summarizing exact statistics is difficult. However, some reports show a staggering 40 million prostitutes worldwide. 40% of prostitutes are formerly sexually exploited youth who were illegally forced into the profession via human trafficking. 

Prostitutes typically have short lives because they are subjected to high levels of abuse from both clients and pimps. 58% of prostitutes are violently assaulted at the hands of their clients. A higher instance of physical violence is perpetrated against prostitutes and many are likely to be murdered. Many prostitutes are addicted to illicit drugs. They resort to prostitution to sustain their addictions to drugs like crack, cocaine, and heroine. 90% of prostitutes give up at least one child to Child Protective Services. 

It seems that society has given up on eliminating prostitution. Most major cities around the world have neighborhoods
​where prostitution is concentrated. Society drives prostitution into one part of town where prostitution can go "unseen" during the hours of the night. 

These neighborhoods are typically laden with existing street crime and poverty. It is considered to be the bad part of town. The most famous of these urban districts is Amsterdam's Red Light District. In fact, the term "red light district" has become the generic term for any urban neighborhood notorious for its high concentration of prostitution. London, New York, and Paris are famous for their own "red light districts."
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